Expert Chess Product Recommendations to Improve Your Game

two senior men playing chess

If you’re a chess enthusiast, you know that having the right equipment and resources can make a significant difference in your playing experience. From chess sets to books to software, the market is full of products that can help you improve your skills and enjoy the game even more. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. We’ve rounded up the best chess products that are currently available. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, we’ve got you covered with our recommendations. These products have been chosen based on their quality, effectiveness, and overall value. We hope that our recommendations will help you find the best chess products that will take your chess game to the next level. Happy playing!

Wooden Chess Set ↗

Beautifully crafted chess set

Tournament Chess Set ↗

Great portable chess set

DGT Chess Clock ↗

USCF approved clock for a chess tournament

Book for Beginners ↗

Great chess book for beginners and intermediate players

Digital Chess Clock ↗

Easy and user-friendly chess clock

Chess Table ↗

High-quality chess table

Chess Board Only ↗

Heavy and very well-made chessboard

Metal Chess Set ↗

Really nice chessboard

Magnetic Chess Set ↗

15-inch wooden chess set board

Chess Pieces Only ↗

Premium quality, handcrafted chess pieces

Chess Scorebook ↗

Hardcover chess notation scorebook

Notation Scoresheets ↗

100-game chess score notebook

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Happy family playing chess together

Chess Set for Kids

Choosing the right chess set for kids can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips to help you choose a suitable chess set for kids:

Choose a lightweight and portable set

Kids like to carry their toys around, and chess sets are no exception. A lightweight and portable chess set is a great choice for children who want to take it with them on the go. Look for sets that are compact and easy to carry in a backpack or tote bag.

Select a set with large and clear pieces

Children may have difficulty distinguishing between different chess pieces, especially in the beginning. Therefore, it’s important to choose a set with large and clear pieces. Pieces that are easy to tell apart and have clear markings can help children to learn and enjoy the game.

Pick a colorful and fun set

Kids are more likely to be interested in playing with a chess set that looks fun and colorful. Look for sets with bright colors or a themed design that your child will enjoy. This can help to make the game more exciting and engaging for kids.

Consider a magnetic set

A magnetic chess set can be a great option for kids because the pieces won’t fall off the board if it gets bumped or jostled. This makes it a good choice for playing in the car or on the go. Magnetic sets are also great for kids who are just learning to play chess because they can easily move the pieces around without worrying about knocking them over.

Look for a durable and safe set

It’s important to choose a chess set that is made from safe and durable materials, such as plastic or wood. Make sure the pieces are not too small or sharp, and that the board is sturdy and stable. A durable and safe chess set will last longer and provide a safe and enjoyable playing experience for your child.